Coding Team

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Pictured: Emily R., Teresa P., Amanda B., Nina S., Alice L., Molly K., Daena T., Sydney B., Meghan P., Abby W., Diane G., Traci B., Elaine D., Alexis M., Amy T., Emily S.

Transcribed language samples undergo a coding process for various grammatical morphemes.
Morpheme use is used as an indicator of a child’s language levels.

List of general codes:
• Third person present tense:/3s
He plays = he play/3s
• Possessives: /z
Mary’s = Mary/z
• Regular past tense: /ed
Yesterday, he walked = yesterday, he walk/ed
• Present progressive: /ing
Driving = drive/ing
• Negatives: /n’t
Can’t = can/n’t
• Third person, present tense irregular: [3irr]
She has = she has [3irr]
Hasn’t = has/n’t [3irr]
• Past irrregular: [ptirr]
I did = I did [ptirr]
He ran = He ran [ptirr]
• Contractible copula: [concop]
She is a doctor = she is [concop] a doctor
• Uncontractible copula: [unconcop]
She was a doctor = she was [unconcp] a doctor
•Contractable auxillary: [conaux]
She’s playing = she/’s [conaux] play/ing
• Uncontractable auxillary: [unconaux]
She was playing = she was [unconaux] play/ing