Doctoral Students

Irina Potapova, Philip Combith, Jonathan Anthony

Irina Potapova
Irina’s research interests include identifying patterns of typical and atypical language development in bilingual children. To that end, her doctoral research has explored morpheme marking and cross-language interactions in preschool-aged bilinguals. In addition to her research, Irina is pursuing clinical training in speech-language pathology. Irina is currently funded by an NIDCD F31 predoctoral fellowship.

Philip Combith
Philip’s current projects include phonological influences on tense morpheme production in linguistically-diverse populations along with word-final treatment options for children with co-morbid speech and language impairment. Philip’s funding has been provided by an NIH T32DC007361-08 (2015-2016; 2017-2018) and Lipinsky Fellowship in Language and Communicative Disorders (2016-2017).

Jonathan Anthony
Jonathan’s research interests include the relation between bilingual language dominance and cross-linguistic knowledge, as well as the relation between language dominance and inhibitory control. Jonathan’s funding has been provided by the San Diego Fellowship (2017-2019) and the Lipinsky Fellowship (2017-2018).