Doctoral Students

Irina Potapova, Philip Combiths, Jonathan Anthony

Irina Potapova
Irina is a postdoctoral fellow and certified speech language pathologist. Her research aims to characterize typical and atypical language development in bilingual children. This work has included examinations of patterns in each language, as well as an investigation of how the two languages may interact. Funding sources have included an NIDCD F31 postdoctoral fellowship, an NIDCD T32 training fellowship, the SDSU Lipinsky Fellowship and the UCSD Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program. Currently, she is contributing to an NIH-funded clinical trial investigating optimal treatment targets for children with speech sound disorders and/or language impairment run collaboratively between the ChiLD3 Language Lab and the Phonological Typologies Lab at San Diego State University.  To contact Irina, please email  


Philip Combiths
Philip’s current projects include phonological influences on tense morpheme production in linguistically diverse populations along with word-final treatment options for children with co-morbid speech and language impairment. Philip’s funding has been provided by an NIH T32DC007361-08 (2015-2016; 2017-2018) and Lipinsky Fellowship in Language and Communicative Disorders (2016-2017).

Jonathan Anthony
Jonathan’s research interests include the relation between bilingual language dominance and cross-linguistic knowledge, as well as the relation between language dominance and inhibitory control. Jonathan’s funding has been provided by the San Diego Fellowship (2017-2019) and the Lipinsky Fellowship (2017-2018).


Alicia Escobedo
Alicia Escobedo is interested in research involving typical and atypical development in bilingual children and cross linguistic effects. Her first-year project will focus on characterizing language performance over the course of a school year in monolingual English and Spanish-English bilingual children. She is supported by the NIH T32 training grant (2017-2018).