Research Assistants

Research in the ChiLD3 language lab aims to understand patterns of typical and atypical language development in children from culturally and linguistically (CLD) backgrounds and, in turn, to identify appropriate language assessment approaches for this population.

Current projects investigate grammatical development and cross-language interactions in bilingual children. Research goals include characterizing profiles of typical language development and language impairment in bilingual children through the lens of each language separately and both languages holistically.

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Current Lab Members:

Kendall Anderson, Jonathan Anthony, Avery Arneson, Delaney Beam, Camille Bern, Ann Blackwood, Gillian Bowler, Haley Brock, Haley Bunkers, Viviana Cano, Natalia Carbuccia, Alexia Castillo, Alexa Cavalea, Phil Combiths, Quynh Dam, Sarah DeTar, Shannon Doherty, Megan Doyel, Kailey Dunlap, Alicia Escobedo, Samantha Ferreira, Lisa Finburgh, Erin Frey, Veronica Galbreath, Johnny Gallagher, Karen Gitlin, Natalie Goins, Anissa Govind, Amy Ho, Mackenzie Hurley, Analise Ilsley, Emma Johnson, Kaila Kettler, Erica Kim, Jennifer Laird, Baily Larson, Jennie Lee, Sophie Levi, Kelly Lopez-Resendiz, Haley Lu, Joycelyn Ma, Leilani Melendrez, Marilyn Mendoza, Megan Mensalvas, Lili Michel, Julia Moluf, Megan Moore, Jaclyn Morris, Kelly Nguyen, Anna Panganiban, Courtney Parks, Cassidy Peterson, Jennifer Pfouts, Irina Potapova, Daniel Ramirez, Jenna Rivero, Nicole Sattler, Lianna Sanchez, Chelsie Saunders, Amanda Smith, Cristal Toscano, Brianne Tripp, Erin Trombadore, Michelle Villaraza, Sarah Villegas, & Savannah Verret.